Free hookup: The way hot women actually see it

It is not a secret that males and females perceive things differently. Although, not everyone knows that this also concerns sex relations. Therefore, you’d better learn what differences there are between how men and women see a free hookup. This will help you get laid in any country in the future.

However, we are going to focus our attention on highly developed countries. In addition, we will take a closer look at places where having a free hookup has become a part of national culture. The majority of such countries are definitely in Asia.

Once you get the hang of it, you will start understanding the way hot women treat random hookups with men. You will find out some facts that you might have never heard of before. So, make sure to read this article up to the end to become a better man and lover.

Do sexy girls want the same thing from you?

It is necessary to point out that not all attractive females want the same thing from you. You see, the most important for you is to get laid with one of them. At the same time, they also want this but there is another thing on their mind. For example, the youngest of them want to establish serious relationships with you as well.

This is especially noticeable in Asian countries where women actually dream of finding a husband from Europe or the USA. Nonetheless, they often fail to do this because males themselves are not into this idea that much. The vast majority of them are absolutely satisfied with a one-night stand and a free hookup.

Besides, many men simply do not see a point in marrying an Asian woman because they can easily find another one for sex as well. The same tendency is seen in richer countries but it is a bit rarer for local girls. However, almost any European lady would not mind getting married to a foreigner if he can offer better living conditions to her.

Therefore, you should always remember that there is something behind the idea of getting laid with a man on the same night. Make sure not to create unrealistic hopes for women you sleep with. This will help you avoid unpleasant conversations in the future for real.

Responsibilities after a casual hookup

You may find it hard to believe but a lot of women want you to be responsible if something goes wrong during your one-night stand. Although, they all clearly understand that you both are carriers of the blame in this case. That is why you should always have protected sex only.

If you see that this particular woman you have sex with is arrogant and her expectations are high, make sure not to give her a chance to implement this in your short relationships. It is especially necessary if you are too young to take any responsibilities.

Remember that you have nothing to worry about because your sex relations are not official. This means that if she gets pregnant from you, there is a choice for you if you are going to accept this child or not.

Hooking up with a stranger is always a risky thing. Both males and females understand and take this risk every time they do this. Nonetheless, women can pay for this with getting pregnant while men can catch a lot of STDs in such a way.

Sex-starved category of women

This is one of the most beloved types of females for any man who is looking for a free hookup. You may ask a question of why it is so. The answer is quite obvious and simple. It happens because their attitudes towards sex and random hookups become extremely similar.

This means that sex-starved females have nothing to worry about and they are ready to get in bed with any man. However, it is difficult to find such a girl, especially in countries popular among tourists. The vast majority of local women have enough romantic partners there.

In addition, they do not care if they are going to have an abortion. They realize all the risks they take unlike many other women. Therefore, you can be absolutely calm when you get in bed with a lady who gets you there herself.

So, if you manage to find a woman like this in any country, try to get laid with her at least once. If you prove to be good enough, she may want to sleep with you once again. Moreover, sex-starved ladies make a free hookup as a part of their lives, especially when they are young. So, it will be easier to pick them up for you.

Things are not what they seem to you

The vast majority of men do not even think what it costs to them to get a woman in bed. In fact, a lot of them are ready to do literally anything just to get a chance to spend a night with a hot woman during their holidays. However, it is worth taking a pause in order to consider how things are going on for real.

The reality is that a free hookup is nothing but a word combination nowadays. You may ask why it is so. In order to understand why this happens, you should recollect all the moments when you tried to get quick hookups.

You should start with the fact that you usually do this while you are traveling or having holidays somewhere. It is absolutely acceptable and explainable because this is the right moment for this. However, you should understand that you are usually short of time as well. Another fact is that you prefer to pick up girls somewhere in clubs, discos, or bars. It definitely speeds up the process but brings some negative sides.

So, the final truth is that you are not going to get a free hookup unless you buy quite a few drinks to treat your new lady. Then, you will need to pay for the taxi and other incidentals. In the end, the sum becomes significant but a woman cannot guarantee you that you will spend a night together anyway.

Be a hopeless romantic before a free hookup happens

You see, women are going nuts when they imagine how they get in bed with romantic guys. However, the reality is that you are not likely to find such males today. Although, you still can exploit this image in order to get a free hookup quicker than you think.

All you need to do is to tell as many compliments and nice words as you can. Surely, they should not sound as flattery but this may also work out if a woman is drunk enough. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need to find women who are already in a right state. Otherwise, they will quickly understand who you are trying to play the role of.

In the end, do not show how much money you have. It is better to pretend that you are just a stranger who travels around the world looking for adventures. Almost any woman enjoys this type of man for real. The only problem is that it takes a lot of efforts and time to get used to this.

You can do whatever you want after you have a free hookup with a woman. But before that moment, you should try to do and act the way she expects from you. This may be a difficult thing to pull off but you will get the hang of it eventually for sure.

Hot women hope for the future communication

It does not mean that they want to marry you or something. They do it just because they do not often meet men who are good in bed. If you happen to be one of them, you can be sure that such a pretty girl will have a desire to stay in contact with you anyway.

Besides, she will hope to get laid with you once again if you arrive in her country some time. It depends on you whether you are going to accept this but men usually have nothing against this. After all, you do not lose anything if you do so, right?

Another fun fact is that hot women still perceive a free hookup as something bigger than just a one-night stand. They try to attach a bigger importance to this kind of sexual relations. If you have the same opinion, there is no way you are going to reject this invitation from a sexy girl.

Final hookup tips

It does not matter if you are experienced enough or not, you should understand the way hot women perceive a free hookup nowadays. Their mentality and worldviews are quite different from what you expect at first sight. Nonetheless, it is one of the most significant points in order to get laid guaranteed in any country.

Of course, everything depends on your general strategy. However, this point is still one of the most important ones. It works similarly in highly developed countries and in poor ones as well. You just need to find the right balance between understanding women and getting in bed with them.

In the end, remember that you should always do what females expect from you. This is the biggest truth of all times if you want to be successful in having a free hookup every time you desire it. Everything else will become easy, as you get more experienced.

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